Is there a God?

Following Jesus

'For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life' John 3v16


Is there really a God?

How can I know that God exists?

Throughout history - people have asked is there a God?


The answer they have come to - in every community, in every part of the world, throughout all of history is......yes.


Why is that?


We have a spirit: We are more than just physical 'skin & bones'.


We have a spiritual part of who we are. This is what makes us even ask the question about God.


It is that part of us which enables us to love, to be creative & to know God for our self.


Eternity: We have a sense of eternity within us. It is how we know that there is more to life than just what we see.


It is how we know that there is more to us than just our physical body.


It is how we know that there is something more after this physical life.


The world around us: We see in the world around us incredible beauty. It inspires us, and moves us emotionally. This beauty within nature tells us of the existence of God - whatever you believe about how God made the world, we look at it and see that there is a God.


Our spirit: ask yourself. Seek deep within your own spirit. What does it say? Deep within each of us is a desire to know God.


Our heart: we need love. We might try to fill this need in many ways. God made us to need love - to need His love and to know Him.


We were made by God - with a need to know Him. Until we do, there will always be a gap in our life. Whatever we fill it with simply won't be enough.




But there are so many religions, which is correct?

Jesus - is different.


He does not ask us to follow a 'religion', or any set of strange rules.


He asks us to follow him.


Relationship not religion - Jesus offers us a relationship with him.


God is not some far off, unknown 'being'. Jesus lived as a person. He understands exactly what our life is all about - because he has lived it too.


The offer of a relationship is a personal one from Jesus to each one of us.


How can I know this is true? - Look at who Jesus is in the Bible. Look at how he reached out to people and loved them. Look at his teaching - love and forgiveness. Would you like to follow him?


It is then a choice. Once you choose to follow Jesus, you know him by the Holy Spirit. Then you will know he really is God.


Forgiveness - one of the most important differences between Jesus and any other 'religion'. Jesus taught about forgiveness and he showed forgiveness, even to those who killed him.


He makes it possible for us to know the forgiveness of God and also helps us to be able to choose to forgive others.


Forgiveness is incredibly powerful. It is life changing.


Forgiveness from God means we can know Him for our self.


Forgiving others can release us from deep pain and hurt.



It's a choice

Personal: No one can tell you what to believe. You will choose for yourself.


Experiences: You may have bad experiences of church, or of how you have been treated by christians (or someone who claims to be one). Don't judge Jesus by this.


People get things wrong. Churches get things wrong. Look to Jesus.


Don't delay: We put things off, say we'll do it tomorrow. One day there won't be a tomorrow. We never know when that day will be.


Jesus offers us a relationship now - today. He wants us to live life to the full.


If you put it off - you will miss the joy of knowing him. You also might never 'get around' to choosing to follow him.....and one day it will be too late.


Why not?: Ask yourself - what possible reason is there to delay?


There isn't one.


Choose to follow Jesus today. I promise you - it will be the best decison of your life.


Following Jesus


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