Following Jesus

Following Jesus

'For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life' John 3v16


Each day is a fresh start, yesterday is left behind. You can choose to follow Jesus today.

Why follow Jesus?

Jesus: is unique.


He died in our place, so that we could receive the forgiveness of God.


He rose again, conquering death so that we could have eternal life.


Jesus is the love of God expressed to all humankind.


Following Jesus: is about choosing to have a personal relationship with him – as the living son of God.


This is a personal choice for everyone – Jesus offers it to all, he lets us choose how to respond.


The past doesn't matter. This is a decision for now and the future.


Forgiveness: God offers us forgiveness for everything we have ever done wrong, to know Him and have a relationship with Him in our daily lives.


The cross: We have all done something wrong at some point in our life. God knows this.


Jesus died on the cross to pay the price, take the punishment, for those things.


A new beginning: God offers us a new beginning, by choosing to follow Jesus. We are spiritually reborn.


Online video: you can watch a short video about Jesus called the Four Points here


Knowing God Personally: here is an online copy of a leaflet about Knowing God personally that explains more about knowing God.


What if I'm not sure that there is a God?




How to follow Jesus?

It's your choice.


This choice starts with saying to God – I want to know and follow Jesus.


We do this by saying a prayer such as:


Lord Jesus, I want to know you personally.

I’m sorry for going my own way in life, instead of your way.

Thank you for dying on the cross to forgive my sin.

Please come and take first place in my life, and make me the person you want me to be.

I choose now to follow you for the rest of my life.

Please let me now receive your Holy Spirit so that I can have a living, personal relationship with you.


Speak it out loud - there is power in the spoken word.


After making the choice - you have become a Christian (a follower of Jesus Christ). Then begins your relationship with God, which you choose to develop and strengthen for the rest of your life.


The best thing is - there's no catch! Jesus wants the best for us. He offers gifts that earthly riches can't buy - peace, love & forgiveness.



What happens when I choose to follow Jesus?

Forgiveness: You receive the most incredible gift ever available – God’s forgiveness for everything you have ever done wrong.


By dying on the cross Jesus paid the price for all our wrongdoing. He took our place, and the punishment we deserved.


Eternal life: Jesus did not remain on the cross. He rose from death, leaving an empty tomb. By doing this, he conquered the power of death and enabled us to have eternal life in Him.


Holy Spirit: Jesus then returned to heaven, sending the Holy Spirit to be with us, enabling us to have a personal relationship with God.


Freedom: God can give us freedom from past problems such as unforgiveness, anger, bitterness & hurt. He can break the hold that addictions have over us. His power is stronger than anything that might try to hold onto us!


Commitment: Choosing to follow Jesus is the start. Following Him is a daily choice, that we make in every situation.


Each day, we grow in our relationship with Jesus, getting to know Him more. This takes commitment – as any relationship does.


How to follow Jesus


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